Okay first of all, sorry I haven’t been on here much for the past few days.

Second, it’s probably gonna stay like that for the next few weeks. Sorry! 

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"It’s time for you to find some of that little girl that you locked away so deep inside yourself, because it’s not about surviving any more, it’s about flourishing, it’s about living a full life"

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"Does she ask about me? Does she say hi?"

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Bones Meme; Two Killers

Jacob Broadsky

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"That word salad is the passwords to my accounts; personal portfolio, corporate, the works. Pelant, he’s draining every account, we’ll be broke in a minute"

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"9/11 was a trauma to us all, not like this guy or the people that died that day, but it still changed us, right? And we act like it doesn’t matter… The first rule in the loony bin is get it all out in the open, so that’s what we’re gonna do right here, alright?"